Why PCS?

In the ever evolving world of workers’ comp, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find independently owned, financially sound vendors to partner with in the industry. Vendors who don’t have to answer to anyone but the client they are servicing and who are committed to providing superior service. Vendors that are truly focused on controlling costs and are dedicated to ensuring the clients’ needs come first. That vendor is PREMIER.


Partner - PCS is a valued partner invested in the success of your business. Your success is our success.


Reliability – We have an unwavering commitment to our clients and can be trusted to perform exceptionally and consistently well all of the time not just some of the time.


Excellence – We set the bar high with regard to our internal standards of performance. We operate with the utmost of integrity, and are extremely passionate about achieving superior outcomes for our clients.


Multidimensional – Our services can be unbundled to provide payers flexibility in choosing a program designed to fit their individual needs.


Integrity – Our clients can count on us to be ethical, honest, trustworthy, and transparent.


Efficiency - Greater efficiency leads to improved profitability for both PCS and its clients.


Reputation – Is simply EVERYTHING. PCS has earned and maintained the respect of the industry as a whole.

Find out how our proprietary system can streamline workers' compensation for you.