Medical Bill Review / Repricing


PCS researched, developed, and designed its own proprietary system to reprice medical bills related to workers’ comp and auto liability claims.

Medical Bill Review and Repricing

Features Include:

Software ensures accurate Fee Schedule and Usual & Customary (U&C) Rate Application

Aggressive manual medical bill review (MBR) of each provider invoice

National Correct Coding (NCC) and Global / Multi-Surgical Edits

Access to the largest, most comprehensive national WC PPO networks

Customized, user-friendly Explanation of Reimbursement (EOR) forms

Detailed denial reason codes

Sophisticated duplicate bill detection

Negotiated Discounts on Out-of-Network and Trauma Bills

Fast Turn-around Time

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Detailed Savings Reports

Average savings 35%-45% below fee schedule and U&C

Medical Bill and Repricing

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Export of payment data – PCS can create an export file tailored to your needs. Transfer and encryption methods of data can also be customized.

Find out how our proprietary system can streamline workers' compensation for you.