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PCS is committed to delivering the highest quality, most cost effective, and innovative solutions available in the industry.

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Find out how our proprietary system can streamline workers' compensation for you.

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PCS is a national provider of workers’ compensation cost containment services.

What they're saying about PCS

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“Many if not most companies promise everything but deliver little.  Premier Comp Solutions delivers everything that they promise. Repricing and Network savings are unparalleled compared with others in the market…true savings that are not watered down. PCS’ service is impeccable, efficient, and quick.  Simply they do it better all around.”

Blaine G. Meixner
General Manager
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“Premier Comp is a company I can count on!  I’ve been working with them for years and they are more than reliable!  When I call them, scheduling is almost immediate!  They are always available when I need to discuss a claim with them. Excellent communication and customer service!  With Premier Comp, I’ve been able to save money as well, which in this business, is key!  I’m so glad that they are on mine, and Sheetz’s, side!!”

Christine Bender
Litigation Manager
Excalibur Insurance Management Services, LLC Logo

“After many long years with the same Repricing Company we changed to Premier Comp Solutions in November of 2019. Our only regret is why did we wait so long to change. Our additional Repricing and Network savings are phenomenal for the first seven months. Premier’s staff are professional, responsive, efficient and sensitive to our needs and most importantly if you have a question from the President on down to the staff get involved in resolving the matter at hand. Our entire claims staff cannot get over the quickness of their Network scheduling and availability to immediately discuss a claim. Premier provides our company with excellent service & communication skills and most important phenomenal savings. Again why did we wait so long?”

Thomas P. Gaughan
Senior Vice-President of Claims
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“We have used Premier Comp Solutions since 2008 for several of their services including Medical Bill Review and Repricing, PT and Diagnostic Services and Physician Panel creation and maintenance. Their excellent service has remained second to none. Their savings have consistently been above industry average, saving our company top line dollars. PCS’s hands on business approach aligns perfectly with our business model.”

Donna Boeggeman
V.P. and Business Director

I found an excellent partner in Premier Comp Solutions for my work in employer liability and workers compensation. Premier Comp continues to meet and exceed my expectations. Premier Comp’s therapy and diagnostic imaging network discounts provide my clients with deep savings well below fee schedule and usual & customary charges. Network scheduling and turnaround time is almost immediate! The staff at Premier Comp are very helpful, kind and possess a great depth of knowledge in the repricing and medical cost containment spaces. Premier Comp maintains a comprehensive and complete bill review repricing protocol. Adjuster/examiner task benchmarks are made easy with the prompt turn-around at Premier Comp Solutions. Premier Comp provides a full range of menu services to assist the adjuster/examiner with all aspects of medical cost containment and medical bill repricing.  My customers and I continue to be pleased and impressed in the partnership with Premier Comp Solutions.

David Kern
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“It’s truly been a pleasure to work with Premier Comp. I would have to say this company is efficient, knows what is needed to better serve patients and follows up to ensure the patient was taken care of. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to work with PCS.”

Kelly Ricko
Director of Marketing
Stalwart Insurance

“Premier Comp is a great asset for my clients.  My agency works hard to drive down Experience Mod rates and Premier Comp helps me do so by finding affordable doctors and staying on top of scheduling. Premier Comp works extremely hard to make the client experience superior.  They are always available and I have only had great feedback when I have referred them.”

Adam E. Smith
Senior Vice President

“Premier Comp is automatically solid. Tried and True network!”

Scott Gettings, OT, CHT
Vice President of Industrial Services