Injury Care Coordination

Reducing the costs associated with your WC injuries while providing injured workers with access to quality care requires a delicate balance. Our Injury Care Coordination service provides the tools to help employers achieve that perfect balance.

We will schedule the initial treatment and all follow up physician appointments and medical services for injured workers with the appropriate providers including all specialist examinations, PT, and diagnostic testing.

Injury care coordination

Acute injury care coordination:

Assures the employer and claims adjuster receive prompt return-to-work information following each exam

Enhances communication between the provider, injured worker, employer, and claims adjuster

Significantly increases workers' comp PPO and PCS PT/Diagnostic network penetration

Guarantees ongoing compliance with established provider panels

After each and every exam, PCS will obtain and fax/email the provider’s completed work status form to the appropriate adjuster as well as to the insured’s contact if required. This information is also made available in real time via the PCS Client Portal.

PCS appointment scheduling and injury care coordination services allow quick identification of panel provider demographic changes, willingness to accept WC patients, and compliance with all protocols.

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