Self-Insured Employers

When an employer elects to self-insure their workers’ compensation program, it assumes greater administrative responsibility and sole financial risk for all claims.

PCS has the proven solutions to help you maximize your costs savings, reduce your administrative responsibilities, and streamline your overall program.

We also ensure your employees receive the best possible medical treatment throughout the rehabilitation process. Our top priority is getting injured workers the right care at the right time so they can swiftly return to work healthy and productive.

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The PCS managed panel program is tailor made for businesses like yours.

Our program helps to greatly reduce the employer’s internal expenses and administrative costs.

PCS assists self-insured employers with:

Workers' Comp Panel/Provider Directory Development & Maintenance

Toll-free Centralized Appointment Scheduling

Telephonic Injury Care Coordination

Discounted Physical Therapy (PT) and Diagnostic Networks

Medical Bill Review, Repricing, & PPO Network Access

Our program can be unbundled to provide employers flexibility in choosing which services fit their individual needs.

If you utilize the services of a TPA, our program is designed to assist them in providing enhanced claims administration and loss control services.

Find out how our proprietary system can streamline workers' compensation for you.