Panel Development and Maintenance

Panel Development and Maintenance

In jurisdictions defined as panel and/or direction of care states, PCS specializes in the development and maintenance of functional provider panels. We believe selecting the right providers during the initial panel development process is a critical step in reducing your overall workers’ compensation costs.

PCS will assist our clients' insureds in the provider selection process based on the following criteria:

Client's preferred PPO Networks

Insured's preference

Verification that all panel physicians have a valid medical license with no serious history of disciplinary actions.

Specialties appropriate for the anticipated work injuries

Timeliness of appointments

Willingness to address return-to-work status

Provider demographic information is verified at the time of panel creation and proactively on a recurrent basis. We provide ongoing customer service to ensure the panel meets the needs of the client.

If a client requires a specific format, language, or logos on their panel, we can accommodate this or any other custom format. There is no charge for this service when used in conjunction with our discounted PT and diagnostic networks.

PCS clients can access panels via a secure website login:

*All panels are constructed in accordance with the specific state laws and requirements.

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